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150 Best Affirmations For Self Love

150 Best Affirmations For Self Love

In a world filled with challenges and negative thinking, losing your true self is easy.


Negativity and self-doubt have become common issues these days – there isn’t one person who hasn’t been impacted by this in their day to day life. And while you might be tempted to seek the answers in your outside reality, in fact – you need to change your inner reality first, and your outer reality will be sure to follow the positive changes. In order to regain positivity, it is crucial to look inwards and start developing positive behaviors. Thankfully, rediscovering yourself with the help of affirmations for self love is not as complex as it seems.


The happiest people have two vital qualities – self love and positive thinking. The more you feel comfortable in your skin and comfortable with yourself, the more you are at peace. Consequently, this peace helps you make better decisions and become a happier individual. There is a quote that I have recently read and it really struck me: “We make better choices when we act out of place of self-love”. I couldn’t agree more. 


These days, you will find many self-help books. Of course, they emphasize the importance of self love and offer handy tips to achieve success. However, here we explain another concept – Affirmations. These affirmations for self love have a unique power to change our lives.


You can use these statements to gain inner peace and feel comfortable in your own company. Importantly, it is not rocket science; anyone can use them. However, it remains an extremely powerful practice! Repeating these affirmations on a daily basis will help you rediscover the real power within you – and you can more effectively channel and use that power, once you truly love and accept yourself. 


This guide takes you through the concept of self love and introduces you to the practice of affirmations. Additionally, you will find some practical tips to implement affirmations for self love into your daily life and lead a happy life. Below is our best collection of affirmations to bring you to the high vibration of love, gratitude and peace, enjoy!




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The Concept Of Self Love


First, it is vital to know the simple meaning of self love. Simply put, self love is a feeling of genuine love and pride in your strengths, achievements, and skills. However, do not confuse pride with self love – although our achievements have a lot to do with how we view ourselves, it is important to love ourselves just the way we are, with or without any outstanding achievements. The art of self-love lies in the ability to love and see the beauty within yourself, at your core, behind every one of your layers.


Self love is the first step towards building a confident personality and a positive relationship with yourself. This confidence develops your self-esteem, thereby helping you gain an optimistic attitude and attract abundance into your life. 


Practicing self love is a steady process – think of it more like a marathon, rather a sprint. It is something that needs to be practiced on a daily basis. So, it needs proper channels too. Affirmations are one of the best channels to develop a self-loving attitude and harness the amazing power inside of you.





Affirmations In a Nutshell


Words are extremely powerful. Every single word that you are saying or thinking, is shaping your inner and outer reality. Generally, the right words can boost a person’s confidence drastically. On the other hand, the negative self-talk can also really inflict doubt in a person’s mind.


Affirmations are similar too. Think of them kind of like re-programming spells. In a world where everybody is programmed to view themselves negatively, you need to re-wire your brain to cultivate self love. Practicing positive affirmations for self love is one way to do so. Since the mind absorbs everything you say and hear, positive words cultivate a confident and balanced psyche. And vice versa, repeating negative affirmations even subconsciously will have a horrible effect on your life.


If you use effective affirmations for self love, your mind will flourish naturally. In this process, you will find subtle ease and comfort with yourself. Also, peace, happiness, and confidence will be gradual byproducts of implementing this practice into your daily life.





How Affirmations For Self Love Work In Real Life


To improve your well-being and your quality of life, a high sense of self-worth is crucial. A neuroscience study published in 2015 gives scientific evidence about the body’s neural activities and it establishes that the practice of self-affirmations has a direct correlation with staying happy.


Let us say you constantly have a feeling that people do not value your opinions. By all means, affirmations will help you overcome that internal fear. By replacing this negative programming with a positive affirmation, you can change this feeling.


For instance, replace ‘people do not value my opinions’ with ‘I am significant, and people value my suggestions’. Try repeating this simple affirmation daily and notice the difference and the effects of affirmation.


Gradually, this positive thought will shape your mind and the way you perceive your reality. Further, the next time you voice any opinion, the fear of feeling irrelevant will vanish. Such affirmations for self love can vary from person to person and can be anything you want!


These statements gradually create a firm belief. This belief shapes your mind, cultivates high self-worth, and gives noticeable results in your day to day life.






How To Use Daily Affirmations For Self Love:


To practice self love and start your self love journey, you need to befriend affirmations and make them a part of your daily routine. Yes, these are words, but they hold an immense amount of power to help you feel confident. So, to use affirmations efficiently, try these steps:



1. Create your personal affirmations


You will find numerous affirmations for self love on the internet. Some of them might be a little too generic and not necessarily apply to your specific situation. Hence, it is better to reflect on what bothers you, and create an affirmation that tackles that specifically.


First, recognize what bothers you the most. For example, it can be procrastination or fear of public speaking, or lack of self love or confidence.


Then, compose an affirmation that confirms the opposite of your fears. Short, concise “I am” statements work best. For example “I am always on time”, “I am an amazing public speaker”, “I love myself”, “I am confident”.

By the way, if you are looking to boost your self-confidence, check out our guide on affirmations for confidence.


Next, replace your negative self-talk with the positive affirmation that you have built for yourself. 


All in all, the first step in using the right affirmations is to identify your challenges.



2. Repeat in your head or out loud


When it comes to yourself, you know what works the best for you. Some people feel comfortable talking in front of a mirror. On the other hand, some like to read in their minds.


So, per your personal preference, use your affirmations in the way that works best for you: repeat them out loud before bed, or in the mirror right when you wake up, or during your meditation sessions. However, don’t forget that repeating them is the key. 


The channel, extrinsic or intrinsic, is just a matter of choice. By repeating affirmations for self love, you get familiar with them and get into a healthy habit. Consequently, the act will become a habit and you will experience the amazing affirmation effects.



3. Write them down!


It is recommended to keep written notes of your favorite affirmations. This record can be your personal diary,  affirmation cards or sticky notes. If you are looking to manifest self-love, another amazing tool is to keep up with writing daily journal entries that reinforce your manifestations.


The trick here is to train your mind. Generally, your mind absorbs any handwritten content more effectively. So, when you write your statements, the mind begins to work and integrate the information better. 


It is a good idea to place these cards, notes or written affirmations somewhere you can see – on your bathroom mirror, on your desk or your bedside table. The more you are exposed to these affirmations, the better.



4. The power of visualization


Visualization and affirmations go hand-in-hand. You cannot separate the connection between visualizing and thinking. And when you combine visualization with your affirmations, the affirmation effects are truly wondrous. 


In order to turn your affirmation into reality, you have to “feel” every word of it. For example, when you say ‘I am ready for this interview’, it must be a strong belief. While you are repeating the affirmations, it is best to visualize the positive outcome as well. According to the affirmation theory, visualization helps you really believe the powerful affirmations that you are repeating, which only enhances their power.




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150 Daily Affirmations For Self Love:


Now that you know how to use affirmations, it is time to understand the emotions behind self love.


Self love is far from being selfish. In reality, it is a balanced way of feeling good about yourself. Generally, there are certain emotions that govern the feeling of self love. Let us take a look at these feelings:


  • Forgiveness
  • Self Esteem
  • Physical Confidence
  • Acceptance
  • Gratitude


As a person, you can relate that the above emotions have a significant impact on self love. Once you practice relevant affirmations, the journey towards happiness begins. Practice this awesome tool daily and you are already halfway there!


Practicing self love has effects that you don’t even realize – it will help diminish any anxiety in relationships, help you get through a difficult time, improve your academic performance and help you achieve a level of inner peace that you didn’t even know was possible. 


To make things easy, take a look at some examples of general affirmative sentences below.



Affirmations for Self-Forgiveness:


Here are some useful affirmative mantras that people use to forgive their shortcomings:


  • I am a human, and we are bound to make mistakes.


  • It does not matter how I started; what matters is where I end up.


  • My failures do not define me as a person.


  • I compete with myself and not others.


  • Loving myself is the solution.


  • I fully accept myself. 


  • I am worthy of forgiveness and love.


  • My life is too wonderful to be feeling upset with myself.


  • Every day I am taking positive action and forgiving myself.


  • I am beautiful with all my imperfections. 


  • I forgive myself for everything. 


  • I forgive myself and everyone who has hurt me in the past. 


  • I forgive myself and let myself be at peace. 


  • I have compassion for all of my previous actions.


  • Every day I am growing as a person.


  • I am grateful for any challenges that I have went through.


  • I accept everything about myself. 


  • I am grateful for every opportunity to be a better person. 


  • I allow myself to be at peace.


  • I am letting go of all resentment towards myself.


  • I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have ever made. 


  • I am letting go of all the guilt and shame inside of me.


  • I have compassion towards my inner child.


  • My soul is at peace as I forgive myself. 


  • I am releasing all of my regrets towards myself.


  • I am mentally and emotionally free of all negative thoughts about myself.


  • I embrace myself with love and compassion.


  • I forgive my past self.


  • I release my anger, guilt and frustration. 


  • I am what I am and I accept it fully. 


  • I am forgiving and forgetting.


  • I forgive myself so I can forgive others.


  • I forgive myself for everything that I have done and not done.


  • I release the tension that no longer serves me. 



Self-Esteem Affirmations:


These lines are sure to boost your self-esteem:


  • I love myself a lot.


  • I am honest and generous.


  • I have what it takes to excel in this job.


  • I believe in my abilities.


  • I can do anything when I put my mind to it.


  • I am achieving success for sure!


  • I am worthy of love and affection.


  • I am enough. I am more than enough.


  • I grow into the best version of myself every single day.


  • I am surrounded by positive people who care about me.


  • My relationships with friends are thriving and so am I.


  • I believe in myself and my skills.


  • My positive outlook on life attracts everything I desire. 


  • I am powerful. 


  • I have no anxiety in my relationships. 


  • I am a wonderful person.


  • Life gives me endless opportunities for success, love and achievement. 


  • This world is lucky to have me.


  • I can do everything I set my mind to.


  • I am manifesting everything I want as I speak.


  • I am talented and unique. 


  • I trust myself.


  • I deserve the best that this life has to offer. 


  • I am blessed.


  • My creative energy is flowing freely.


  • Every day I get closer to my dream life.


  • My consistent positive thoughts bring me closer and closer to my goals.


  • My mind is brilliant. 


  • Every day I become better and more resilient.


  • I am kind, loving and gentle with myself.


  • All I need to succeed is already within me.


  • I am happy. I am whole.


  • My power is unlimited. 


  • I am closer to my goals every day.


  • I am worthy of everything good in my life. 


  • I am deserving of everything I desire. 


  • I get stronger and stronger each day.


  • I am confident in my abilities to do great things with my life. 


  • I am radiating confidence every day.


  • I am achieving my goals with ease and pleasure. 


  • I am full of amazing ideas. 


  • I am attracting all of the best things that this universe has to offer. 


  • Success comes easy to me.


  • I am loved beyond comprehension.


  • I believe in my power to attract everything I desire.


  • Every day I achieve more and more.


  • I am creating my dream life as I speak.


  • I am easily getting everything I need to succeed.


  • I am facing every challenge with ease and grace.



Affirmations to Build Physical Confidence:


Here are positive affirmations that can have a significant impact on your physical transformation and body image:


  • My body is strong and beautiful.


  • I am building a lean physique.


  • I won’t let my mind hamper my body.


  • My body takes on any challenge with ease.


  • The more I work out, the stronger my body gets.


  • I am a beautiful person inside and out. 


  • My body is a precious, wonderful gift.


  • I grow healthier every day.


  • I am kind and appreciative towards myself.


  • I am comfortable in my own skin.


  • I am beautiful and unique in my own way.


  • I love the woman (man) I am becoming.


  • I am grateful to my body for keeping me alive.


  • I am releasing any self criticism. 


  • I feed my body with complete self love.


  • I am a physical masterpiece.


  • I feel amazing about my body.


  • I am grateful for my body.


  • My body is perfect.


  • I am confident.


  • My reflection is beautiful.


  • I am grateful for the body that I have.


  • I deserve a healthy body and a healthy life. 


  • My appearance makes me unique and beautiful.


  • My body is a sacred temple. 



Self-Acceptance Affirmations:


To accept and appreciate your skills, boost morale and be able to face any situation confidently, these positive self-love affirmations can prove handy:


  • I trust my abilities completely. 


  • I am unique in my way.


  • I can face any challenges fiercely.


  • I am my own best friend.


  • I release my pessimism.


  • I enjoy my own company.


  • I accept the light and the darkness within me. 


  • I choose to love myself every day. 


  • My energy field is attracting abundance and everything I desire.


  • My life is beautiful and fulfilling. 


  • I have so much to offer to this world. 


  • I unconditionally love myself.


  • I accept every detail about myself.


  • There is no limit to what I can achieve. 


  • I am a gift to this world.


  • I accept myself just the way I am.


  • I am blessed by this universe and its higher powers. 


  • I am releasing all of the negative attachments that no longer serve me.


  • I can feel the love of God shining on me.


  • I am accepting every one of my beautiful imperfections. 


  • I give myself unconditional love and acceptance. 


  • My energy is unique and unparalleled. 


  • The future in front of me is bright and beautiful. 


  • I am entirely comfortable with myself.


  • I am doing my best and it is enough.


  • Everybody can notice my magnificence. 


  • I love the person that I am becoming. 


  • People love me exactly for who I am. 


  • My energy is abundant and beautiful.


  • I accept myself for who I am without any fear of judgement. 


  • I trust that I am doing the best. 


  • I am irreplaceable. 


  • I am happy with myself. 


  • I am worth loving. 


  • I accept all of my flaws and transmute them into light. 


  • I love myself and the person I am becoming.


  • I am growing into my best self every single day.


  • Every day I accept myself more and more. 


  • I am a beautiful human being. 


  • I am one of a kind. 


  • I am worthy of every wonderful thing this world has to offer. 


  • I am vibrating higher and higher every single day.


  • My potential is unlimited. 



These phrases are good examples of positive affirmations for self love. Still, creating your personal affirmations is also an awesome tool in your journey of self-discovery and acceptance.





How To Implement Positive Affirmations:


An affirmation is just one channel to transform your entire life. To practice self-love, you can combine various other techniques like:

  • REBT
  • Emotional freedom technique
  • Logical awareness
  • Meditation


It is essential to realize that affirmations combined with these techniques can create better results. Further, to use these statements with maximum efficiency, you should follow some lucrative tips:


  • Keep your affirmations as realistic as possible.
  • Repeat them on a daily basis.
  • Have a strong belief in your affirmations.
  • Always focus on the present day.
  • Do not go hard on yourself.


These positive statements, when appropriately implemented, have a considerable power to amplify your life.









Self love is vital for a confident personality. After all, self love is the best kind of love! With high self-esteem, you are free to live a peaceful and happy life. Affirmations are positive phrases that replace the negative emotions that arise in your life path. 



Constant repetition of affirmations for self love can build confidence and nurture your mind positively. Also,  to harness the most of your affirmation effects, you should believe in every affirmation that you write down. After all, without proper visualization, affirmations cannot build much-needed positivity and momentum. Make sure to apply all of your positive energy to the repetition of these phrases and enjoy the powerful effects of affirmation and their life-changing potential!


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