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5 Best Crystals For Anxiety and Stress

5 Best Crystals For Anxiety and Stress

It is 2021, and things are yet to get normal. Since the pandemic – stress, anxiety, and unforeseen challenges have become a regular part of our lives.


In times like these, you want practical ways to tackle stressful situations. Many doctors and health experts suggest medications and traditional Western medicine, some health practitioners suggest meditation and regular workouts. But is there another remedy to battle anxiety?


Along with nature-healing, yoga, sound-healing and mindfulness, there is a rise in another type of efficient therapy. It is known as crystal healing. It is very difficult to overestimate the healing power of crystals and their influence on our magnetic fields.


But, the million-dollar question is: ‘Will crystals for anxiety bring me any relief?’. The answer is – YES. Crystals and stones have been known for their mystical healing powers since the beginning of time. And more specifically, certain crystals for anxiety treatment have a definite positive impact.


In addition, some people use certain stones for anxiety and stress relief. However, to choose suitable crystals or stones, you need to know the basic theory. It is beneficial to have a quick guide that showcases the best crystals and stones at this time.


Without any further adieu, let’s dive into what crystal healing is all about 🙂


best crystals and stones for anxiety


Crystals for Anxiety: Theory


When you hear that people use crystals for anxiety treatment, it might feel unscientific and sound like an alternative medicine attribute. In some ways, that is true. But, the truth is, crystals and stones adhere to the frequency theory.


Every object has a natural frequency. Vibration is a regular activity occurring in every physical body, living or not. Similarly, crystals and stones, too, have definite vibrations and frequencies.


When you come in contact with a stone that has a higher frequency, the effects are gratifying. Consequently, there is a rise in your frequency. This rise in our frequency makes us feel better and helps ground us, and relieve any stress and anxiety.


You can use these stones for anxiety remedy or in order to benefit from increased life force energy in your life.



crystals for anxiety


How to Make the Best Use of Stones for Anxiety and Depression?


The theory is simple. Crystals or stones for anxiety treatment align our frequencies and vibrations. This alignment leads to the development of positive energy within us. The soothing energies of your crystals can balance your chakras, relieve any stress or anxiety, protect your energy field from a wide variety of negative influences and bring you a sense of calm and peace. 


To use these crystals in a way that harnesses their positive effects, you need to follow proper guidelines. After all, these healing crystals for anxiety work best when you use them correctly. Generally, you can follow recommended ways to use crystals for their healing benefits:


  • You can hold them in your hand during guided meditation.


  • Place the crystals on your energy centers during a chakra meditation. 


  • If you practice deep breathing, keep a crystal enclosed in the fist.


  • Jewelry is another prominent way to keep healing crystals close to your body.


  • If you work regularly at a desk, a crystal on your table can prove to be soothing.


  • At night, you can keep them nearby or under your pillow.


Crystal healing is all about balancing your energy centers and getting rid of negative emotions. A balanced mind with strong beliefs can tackle anxiety or stress effectively.



Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety:


Now, you know the basic theory behind crystal healing. Also, you are aware of how people use them for the best results.

It is time to acquaint you with the best crystals for battling anxious moments, panic attacks and feelings of depression:

blue lace agate

Blue Lace Agate


Here is brief informational profile of one of the most popular stones for anxiety treatment:

  • Color: Light blue
  • Mineral Family: Quartz
  • Discovery: Namibia


Blue lace agate helps clarify thoughts and tackle stressful situations. If you want to overcome communication issues, this blue crystal is highly beneficial. It is one of the most effective anxiety stones available for purchase.


This blue stone apart from the well-known emotional support, is also beneficial in bone healing. This stone is helpful to treat fractures, strengthen the skeletal system and heal throat infections.


Ideal ways to use blue lace agate:

  • In the form of crystal jewelry
  • Placed in the office, or your bedroom for a peaceful sleep


All in all, the pleasing light blue appearance and ‘calmness’ as its eternal meaning make this stone a valuable asset for any emotional healer.



rose quartz

Rose Quartz


A well-known symbol for promoting the emotion of love; rose quartz has the following specifications:

  • Color: Light pink
  • Mineral Family: Quartz
  • Discovery: Mesopotamia


Rose quartz is an excellent stone for restoring emotional balance. It can calm an overactive mind, remove emotional blockages and reduce your anxiety levels. If you ever feel a lack of self-love or anxiety in relationships, this is your go-to option to restore your sense of balance. In addition, it is also a great stone for anxiety in general.


This beautiful pink stone attracts positive energy and brings a sense of safety. In addition, it is prominent as a great healer. So, if love, compassion, and an open heart is something you are striving for, rose quartz is your best bet.


How people use rose quartz:

  • In the form of a necklace
  • In the palm, while meditating
  • Placed on your bedside table


You can find various rose quartz in the shapes of palm stones, spheres, large hearts, etc. Alternatively, smoky quartz is another wonderful option to bring you a sense of peace and reduce feelings of stress. 







Here is a little info about Amethyst, one of the best grounding stones for anxiety:

  • Color: Violet or purple
  • Mineral Family: Quartz
  • Discovery: France


Not only is Amethyst a crystal prominently known for its healing attributes, but it is also one of the most beautiful stones in existence. In times of stress, or when you feel anxiety or uncertainty, this powerful stone can calm all your nerves, significantly reduce your stress and bring you a peace of mind. It is sometimes referred to as “the all-purpose stone ” for its variety of uses.


Many people use this ancient healing stone for spiritual purposes. Its psychic abilities have been known for centuries. Not only does it help you manage your stress levels, but it also helps activate your third eye chakra and help awaken your psychic power. So, if you trust the power of the ‘third eye,’ this crystal is one to consider buying.


The Amethyst crystal finds utility in the following ways:

  • Holding them in the palm while meditating
  • In the form of amethyst jewelry


So, to decrease your anxiety levels and lead a peaceful life, this wonderful stone is a powerful energy source. When regularly “used” or worn, it introduces a sense of calmness into your life. It is also incredibly powerful in protecting you from any negative energy.



black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline


One of the most common black stones, the black tourmaline, enjoys tremendous popularity. It is also one of the best crystals for stress reduction. Here are some quick facts:

  • Color: Black
  • Mineral Family: Tourmaline
  • Discovery: Maine


If you visit any office or professional space, these stones are fairly common and surely noticeable. 


Black tourmaline is a defense stone. In other words, it protects your energy field from negative vibes. As you know, dark colors absorb significant heat and energy. Similarly, black tourmaline absorbs negative, unwanted energies in your surrounding.


The most common usage of black tourmaline is:

  • Near electronic gadgets like desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc.
  • In each corner of a building or office


Moreover, black tourmaline is known to protect humans from the electromagnetic field. This protective ability is the main reason why people keep them near electronic devices.





Shungite Stone


Before moving on to the practical uses of Shungite, here are quick facts about its color, mineral family, and place of discovery:

  • Color: Black
  • Mineral Family: Carbon
  • Discovery: Russia


Shungite is one of the best stones for anxiety related to health. A study in the European Journal of Medicine (2018) claims that Shungite is highly efficient in water purification as well as its healing properties.


How to use the Shungite stone:

  • Place the Shungite stones in a water source for purification
  • Carrying the stone in a bag or pocket makes use of the healing effects


Overall, this gentle stone reduces inflammation, protects users from electromagnetic emissions, and is a good stress buster.





Does Crystal or Stone Healing Work for Everyone?


Anxiety is a psychological disorder. Although the above crystals for anxiety control are highly effective for stress management, you should understand some significant points:


Crystals are not magical stones

Crystals used for treating anxiety or medical issues are not magical. They are minerals that have favorable healing frequencies. Hence, it is best to view them as regular minerals with valuable properties, rather than an anti-anxiety medication.


The Placebo Effect is pivotal

A placebo is any object that gives mental relief without any proven medical impacts. However, the fact that a certain treatment is a “placebo” does not make it any less efficient or valid. For more skeptical people, crystals and stones can also be considered placebos that can have a physiological effect on people. So, crystals and stones for anxiety treatment are becoming highly popular.


Your belief plays a huge role

Meditation, mindfulness, and an optimistic attitude are vital to overcoming anxiety or depression. Altogether, these activities depend on your inner belief. Similarly, crystals or stones are as powerful as you perceive them.

If you believe they work, the energy will prove helpful.


Nature heals, and so do crystals

You might be aware doctors recommend eco-therapy for treating certain diseases. The reason behind this is the abundant energy available in nature. As humans, we cannot measure this energy. It is natural and provides relief undoubtedly.

Similarly, crystals and stones for anxiety relief are natural items. They interact with your ‘chakra’ just like nature rejuvenates your mind. So, you can view these as catalysts for improving your healing frequency.


Buy crystals and stones only from trusted sources

It is imperative to perform crystal healing with genuine material. Since the popularity of this treatment is on the rise, you can find many fake sellers too.

To get the best soothing effects from crystals and stones, ensure you buy them from trusted sources. These sources shouldn’t necessarily be big corporations. You can even visit a local shop which has a good reputation. 



Endnotes on Using Stones for Anxiety and Stress: 


The best crystals and stones for such purposes are easy to use and widely available. There is a variety of affordable crystals available for purchase, as long as you know where to look for them. In fact, many people use them even today, and their popularity is constantly increasing. It is undoubtable that certain stones and crystals have actual healing properties, and our knowledge about crystals goes back centuries. 

The real-life experiences of people are the best indication of the power of this variety of wonderful stones.

From Amethyst to Rose Quartz, crystals for anxiety relief have multiple uses. In some situations, people use them to treat physical ailments too. Furthermore, they are available in different forms like palm stones and jewelry. Important to note: if you are using your crystals frequently, don’t forget to cleanse them off all the negative energies that they absorb. Check out our complete guide on cleansing your crystals!

Your belief in these crystals is paramount to experience the best results. After all, anxiety is a psychological challenge that requires a strong mind. Luckily, we have good companions in the form of healing crystals to help us overcome the invisible enemy called anxiety!

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