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70 Best Daily Affirmations For Confidence

70 Best Daily Affirmations For Confidence

When you think of successful people, the most common thing they talk about is understanding and fully embodying their true self and channeling confidence. You can achieve everything you desire if you feel confident about yourself and your abilities. This feeling of confidence and knowing your worth gives you the perseverance you need during the challenges that life might throw at you.


Professional athletes, including Michael Jordan, often have stories about how their high school teams rejected them. When people see you succeed, their insecurities act up at times and want to drag you down with them. 


People’s negative opinions about you can be a challenging, but necessary perspective to set aside. It can be especially challenging if this negativity is coming from your immediate surroundings, like friends or family or even yourself! Affirmations for confidence will help you push through all the negativity and persevere in pursuing your dreams.





Benefits of Positive Affirmations for Confidence:


Aside from the benefits already covered in this article, there are a few more that are definitely worth mentioning. Not only will the daily practice of positive affirmations for self confidence raise your confidence level, but it will also impact the rest of your life in a major way. Practicing affirmations will help you feel happier by changing your mindset completely.


They have the power to impact our subconscious minds, slowly but surely leading your mind towards a complete shift. It may feel as if your entire being has shifted to a new dimension, and you will start vibrating differently and attracting whatever you desire!


So, what are the main benefits of practicing affirmations?

  • Increase your motivation levels.
  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Boost your confidence and help you achieve more with a positive attitude.
  • Improve your general health level.
  • Help you attain higher quality relationships through cultivating self love.
  • Reduced negative thinking.
  • Happier, more fulfilled outlook on life.




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Low Self-Esteem and Its Damaging Effects:


Having low self-esteem on a few days isn’t a bad thing. After all, a bad day can happen to the best of us! But having persistent feelings of worthlessness and self-deprecation can prove damaging to both physical and mental health.


Though everyone questions themselves sometimes, these questionings may seem endless when your self-esteem is non-existent. Having persistent feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction are as problematic as constant stress. Surprisingly enough, it can cause physical health issues as well!


These powerful affirmations will reduce these feelings of helplessness and help you achieve your fullest potential by just believing in yourself!


Keep reading for our collection of the 70 best affirmations for confidence.




What Low Self-Esteem Looks Like:


Although everyone has differences, having instances of low-esteem is universal. They are also very easily recognizable in yourself and the people around you.


Low self-esteem can present itself as being or feeling hyper-critical. Not giving yourself enough credit, comparing yourself to others, making yourself feel inferior, thinking of yourself as unlovable and stupid, having negative self-talk, and believing that luck plays the most crucial role in your achievements.


People with low self-esteem have trouble believing affirmations for confidence and any compliments they might receive. They think that people approach them with an ulterior motive and are never genuine. If you want to become confident and become your best self, this is a mindset you need to escape!


The consistent feelings of worthlessness and dissatisfaction can lead to depression, anger, guilt, shame, and anxiety. While these emotions can be overwhelming and can cause people to lash out, there are ways to control them and cope.


Having low self-esteem can also cause people to stay in obviously toxic relationships. Their low level of confidence makes them feel as if that’s all they deserve and so they aren’t motivated to get out and strive for greater happiness. They believe that love should be earned and not given equally, which can create unhealthy boundaries and toxic relationships.


They also lack the courage to try new things as they don’t feel good enough about themselves and doubt their abilities. Low self-esteem can cause challenges to seem like situations to avoid, instead of taking on challenges as something interesting. It can also cause people to avoid activities they love due to feeling as if they are undeserving or “not good enough”.


Implementing positive self-talk, self-motivation, and affirmations for confidence into your daily routine can significantly help in reducing these feelings of low self-worth. People coping with these feelings often look for signs that people dislike them, which further perpetuates the problem.


In extreme circumstances, this can cause self-harm behaviors, Alcohol abuse, illicit drug use, and eating disorders. A lot of these issues stem from the same root cause – low self-esteem and low sense of confidence in themselves. 




Root Causes of Low Confidence:


People can experience low self-esteem at various points in their life. But this becomes problematic when there is no motivation to respond to a situation, and the default reaction is to give up.


It occurs when there is no safe space to develop trust, and they are consistently told, either by the people around or by their brain, that they aren’t worth anything good or that they’re not brave enough to chase their dreams.


Even though advice given in these instances is helpful, being consistently exposed to negativity can influence a person’s perception.


Various factors affect low self-esteem, and the list below is just a few of them:

  • An undiagnosed mental illness like depression or anxiety
  • Having consistent physical health issues like chronic pain or physical disabilities
  • Stressful environments and situations like financial difficulties or relationship concerns
  • Worldly expectations of a person
  • Toxic relationships
  • Abusive treatments from others
  • Childhood trauma


We all have people in our lives who are important to us. When these people are hyper-critical of us, we tend to develop low self-esteem and start doubting ourselves and our skills. When these things happen when we are kids, they can continue onto adulthood and even get worse as time progresses.


That is why knowing affirmations for confidence and understanding how to defeat this problem is an essential life skill. Here is a list of affirmations to repeat on a daily basis in order to manifest more self-confidence and, ultimately, happiness.




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70 Best Daily Affirmations for Confidence:


If you feel worn out or fed up with feeling like you’re worthless, these affirmations for confidence can help change your perspective. Repeating these affirmations five times every day will help you boost your morale and set you on the right track. 


For best results, repeat these affirmations out loud throughout your day, or write them down in a special notebook. It is also immensely helpful to meditate on these affirmations to really integrate them. 


  1. I am unique, and I am worthy


  1. I am smart. I am wise. I am important


  1. I am worthy of love


  1. I deserve happiness


  1. I am the most critical person in my life


  1. I deserve to be well-recognized for my skills and paid well for them


  1. I have the power to create the life I want


  1. I deserve success


  1. I am enough


  1. I am beautiful, intelligent, fun, and full of life


  1. I respect myself and deserve the same from others


  1. The love I give myself reflects in all areas of my life


  1. I am complete


  1. I believe in myself


  1. The love I give myself mirrors in all aspects of my life


  1. I am independent and self-reliant


  1. I don’t need to change anything about myself to be loved. 


  1. I am intelligent and determined


  1. I am awesome


  1. I am amazing


  1. I am powerful enough to create substantial change


  1. I have the strength to stand up for myself and anyone who needs it


  1. People who don’t make time for me are not worth my time


  1. I believe that vulnerability is a strength


  1. I am loved. I am safe. I have people who believe in me


  1. I am imaginative, resilient, influential, brave, and inspired


  1. Happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy every day


  1. All I need is within me right now


  1. Everything that I need, I already have, and everything that I have is all that I need


  1. Every day is a new day


  1. I have the power to change the things around me through my thoughts and words.


  1. I have a 100% survival rate


  1. I accept myself for everything that I am and create peace with my mind and heart.


  1. I am the most critical person in my life, and I choose to walk away when a person or a situation isn’t healthy


  1. I grow every day


  1. I control my destiny


  1. In the end, we will always get judged by the courage of our hearts


  1. A true hero is measured by the strength of their heart


  1. I am not responsible for others’ emotions


  1. I forgive myself for all my mistakes


  1. I deserve forgiveness


  1. Healing is a gradual process that I choose to work on every day


  1. I am going to make me so proud


  1. I am confident!


  1. Just keep swimming 🙂


  1. I will let my conscience be my guide


  1. I am a badass person 


  1. I am open to new opinions and am flexible in my choices


  1. I love who I am turning into


  1. I deserve everything good coming my way


  1. I am an amazing person and I deserve the best 


  1. I am in control of my life, and no one else can make my decisions except myself


  1. My feelings don’t define who I am, but they are a part of me that I can learn to control


  1. I attract everything that I desire 


  1. Every day I am closer to a happier life


  1. I am a positive person and I am surrounded by positive people


  1. Every day I am getting closer to my dream life


  1. My positive affirmations attract more and more positivity into my life 


  1. My life experiences have shaped me into the person I am today


  1. My confidence levels are raising each day 


  1. My morning affirmation ritual brings me closer to my goals 


  1. My personal life is flourishing 


  1. I am liberating myself from any negative feelings


  1. I am fulfilling my wildest dreams 


  1. I am taking on any challenge in life with ease and pleasure


  1. I surrender myself to the flow of life


  1. I am a strong person 


  1. I am the happiest person I have ever been 


  1. My life is beautiful and full of amazing experiences


  1. My confidence levels are rising every single day





Final Notes on Positive Affirmations for Confidence


Engraining the concept of self-worth into your life and daily routine is the first step to success. It is integral to believe in yourself to be able to achieve your dreams and ambitions. It can give you the push you need to keep going.


How you see your qualities, your skills, and yourself can tell you a lot about yourself. In the consistent presence of negativity in your life, saying these daily affirmations for confidence can boost positivity.


You only need to set aside 5 minutes daily for this activity, preferably at the start of your day, to give you the energy you need for the day. Every time you repeat a confidence affirmation, you’re giving yourself power and strength. Always remember that you are enough!


By saying these daily affirmations for confidence, you manifest the qualities you wish to include in your life, and while it can be challenging, it is an excellent place to start.

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