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Angel Number Meanings – What Is The Universe Trying to Tell You?

Angel Number Meanings – What Is The Universe Trying to Tell You?

What’s inside this article: A look into the meanings behind 9 common angel numbers and what those messaged may represent for you.

Does it ever seem like you wake up every night at precisely the name time? Or there’s a repeating number pattern everywhere you go?

What Are Angel Numbers?

If you have taken a deep dive into spirituality, then you have likely come across Angel numbers. Angel numbers are a series of repeating numbers that hold messages and deep spiritual significance.

Our Universe represents mathematical structure, it reinforces the idea that nature and math are entwined together. We see evidence of this in the world around us such as in the hexagonal patterns of honeycomb, or the Fibonacci sequence in a hurricane, unfurling flower, or seashell spiral.

It is believed that these patterns are not a coincidence, but instead, a method that the Divine world is able to communicate messages and ideas with us.

With Angel numbers, it is believed that there is a reason behind why you may be seeing 111 repetitively or why you might happen to look at your clock at exactly 5:55 every night.

It is believed that our Divine guides or Angels are attempting to get our attention through these numeric patterns. If you start noticing these patterns around you, you will be able to align and become more in tune with receiving messages from the Universe.

Meanings of Angel Numbers

Let’s take a look at the most common Angel number sequences and the meaning behind them. Remember, always trust your intuition first and let this list act as a gentle guide alongside your internal wisdom.


Our first angel number is one that you may have been noticing the most!

Perhaps your barista has given you $1.11 in change, or you always seem to look at the clock at 1:11; this is a signal that now is the perfect moment for manifestation.

What do you truly desire in your life?

What might be holding you back?

Take time to identify and name your desires in detail, and let it be known to the Angels. Keep your eyes open for opportunities; when we are manifesting, our desires don’t simply fall out of the sky (most of the time!).

You need to take inspired action, follow your gut and listen to the guidance of what steps you need to take to bring your dream into reality.


  The message of 222 is a reminder to keep planting seeds ( in your relationship, at your job, with your finances). You are laying the groundwork for a beautiful harvest for your future. Seeing 222 lets you know that you are on the right path, keep chipping away and doing the work you are doing.

  Seeing 222 is also a signal that your life may be out of balance- this could be mental, emotional, or even physical imbalance. 222 is a gentle reminder to slow down and take some time to reassess your priorities and actions.


  333 is the number of prayers being answered. It tells us that the Universe has heard your prayers and that you are indeed moving closer to your manifestation.

Opportunities and resources will soon be at your doorstep. Continue to move forward without fear, take action steps toward your manifestations, and know that the Universe has your back.


 The number 444 is a reminder that angels are nearby and are supporting you at this time. If you are going through a tough time, such as a job loss or relationship break up, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

You may also notice 444 when you are experiencing big wins such as a promotion- again, it’s a reminder the angels are with you and cheering you on.


  Do you see 555 a lot? It is likely that you are going through a time of major transition with lots of changes. You may see this number when you are coming into a season when things are shifting in our lives, and we are having a growth spurt.

555 is a calming reminder from the Universe that transitions can be intense, even transitions that we have asked for. Transitions are always a reconfiguring and restructuring of your soul’s path. Ultimately, you will come out the other side of this time as a more fully aligned being.


 The number six is one of balance, beauty, and integrity. 666 relates to material and earthly concerns; you may see this number when you are worried about your home, career, or finances. It can also encourage you to bring more pleasure and beauty into your life.

 666 isn’t a sign of evil, as it has been commonly portrayed, but instead, it is a symbol of an internal battle against negativity that could be impeding you from achieving your life’s goals.

You may have been giving too much of yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually- it is time to shift your perspective and focus.

Liberate your body and mind from oppressive feelings and thoughts; doing so will invite harmony and balance into your life.


 The sequence 777 is an angel number about spirituality, and you might encounter it during phases in life when you’re prioritizing or focusing on your spirituality, or discovering new practices.

The number 777 speaks to you when your spirituality is expanding; it may foreshadow that alignment with the Universe is soon to occur.

Now is the time to allow yourself to bloom and enjoy the blessings coming your way.


  This is the angel number of abundance- it can be a hint from the Angels that we are able to access the Universe’s abundance. Abundance can come in many forms, like career, health, finances, or romance.

The sequence 888 reminds us to stay open to abundance in whatever form it appears, not only the forms that we have become attached to or expect.

 This number also represents a favor being returned for a favor. Karma from past lives does not expire, and repayment can come to us in any form at any time. You may expect fortune from past good deeds to be returned to you when you see 888.


Nine is the end of a numerical sequence- life is made up of cycles; the number 9 tells us that all things come to a close and completion.

You might see 999 at a time when you are coming to the end of a cycle or chapter in your life. 999 gently encourages us to let go of something that has now run its course, such as a relationship or job. Endings can be rough, but they’re essential for learning and growth.

 Angel number 999 is not about loss; allow yourself to view it as a time of completion. The journey toward a result or goal is almost complete; this means you will soon reap the rewards of the seeds you have sown and come into a time of new flowering. It is time to prepare for a new journey.


These aren’t the only Angel Numbers out there, just a few common ones. In fact, there is an entire index of angel numbers, so you can see the meaning behind any pattern of numbers you’re wondering about.

Angel numbers can manifest themselves in our lives at any time; however, they most often appear when we most need to hear a message from the Universe.

Sometimes you may notice times when Angel numbers appear to you on a daily basis or even several times per day. Take heed, listen to your intuition, and use this guide to help you understand what messages you need to receive.

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