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How To Cleanse Crystals: 8 Best Ways

How To Cleanse Crystals: 8 Best Ways

Crystals are known to heal the senses, protect your aura and deflect toxic energy. In order to maintain their healing properties, it is crucially important to be cleansing crystals from any negative energy on a regular basis!


They produce positive, elevating, stimulating, and quieting vibrations that help you with attaining a more balanced energy level and a revived physical well-being. Keeping crystals in your home, wearing them as jewelry or keeping them in your car or your workspace are all great ways to protect yourself on a regular basis and harness their healing power. 


These healing crystals tend to pick up subtle dark, negative or stagnant energies and remove them on your behalf. However, sometimes they may get overloaded and might need cleansing to wash off the negative energies.


If you already own a crystal or are contemplating buying one, you need to have a routine for cleansing and charging crystals. After all, the healer requires healing as well! Thankfully, there is a variety of effective cleansing methods available to us.



Here’s the complete guide on cleansing crystals that will help you to restore and rejuvenate your crystal’s healing properties.




how to cleanse crystals




Why Do Crystals Need Cleansing?


A crystal travels through many hands before it reaches you. Along the process, it must have picked up specific vibrations and energies. Researches have proved that some crystals can store large amounts of data.


If you have recently acquired a crystal, you must undergo a cleansing process to restore its initial and pure state.


Also, if you use crystals for healing or meditation, you can cleanse them before and after use because crystals can acquire your negative vibrations.


To explain it with a simple analogy, assume you enter a room full of negative people. When you exit the room, you might want to make that pessimistic vibrations go away.


The same goes for a crystal; just as you need a bath to wash off the dirt and the negative vibes, cleaning your crystals on a regular basis is essential to flush off the unwanted energies.




How Often Should You Be Cleansing Crystals?


As already mentioned, you must perform a cleansing ritual whenever you buy crystals. However, other than the recently purchased crystals, you also need to cleanse the ones that you already have. Generally, it is good to cleanse them at least every month.


Besides, it would be best if you do it as per your intuitions. Hold them in your hands, and if they feel good, then there isn’t a point to cleanse them. If they feel dull or dark, you should consider performing a cleansing session.


Also, there exist some self-cleansing crystals such as Selenite, Kyanite, Citrine, or Carnelian. These stones do not necessarily require a cleansing routine and they can even be used to cleanse other crystals!







How To Cleanse Crystals?


Here are some practical ways to recharge your healing crystals, for example the salt water method, exposure to sunlight or sacred sound cleansing:



cleansing crystals with water



1. Cleansing crystals with water


Just as we use the shower’s running water to gradually rinse off the dirt from the body, try placing your crystal under the tap of running water or a stream of fresh water. Let that running water rinse the negative energy and the bad vibes clutched onto your crystals down the stream.


Make sure the entire crystal gets wet. For best results, you can use alkaline water or natural running water for this purpose. 


If you have a pointed crystal, hold it upside down so that the water converges at the sharp edge and runs off, uniformly washing away the dirt with its feminine energy.


Water serving as a neutralizer will stabilize all the negative energetic attachments.


You can also submerge crystals in a bowl of water and leave them aside for a couple of minutes or an hour. However, note that you cannot put some crystals in water. For instance, selenite dissolves in water.




cleansing crystals with sage



2. Cleansing crystals with sage


The energy obtained after burning a sage bundle or incense stick can help in clearing crystals off any bad energy completely.


Smudging is essentially the purification of air using the smoke from herbs, resins, or incense sticks.


When you let the sacred smoke of burning sage pass through it, it cleanses crystals from within by enforcing its powerful cheerful aroma. As crystals respond to energy, it permits the positivity to flow through itself.


White sage, Palo Santo, Juniper, Lavender, and many other incense sticks can be used to carry on a cleansing ritual.


Proceed with the following approach to cleanse by saging:

  • Light your sage, incense stick or Palo Santo.
  • Move the crystal back and forth in the smoke coming from the sage or whirl the sage around the crystal to allow the positive energy bind to the crystal.
  • The aroma will cleanse the space, and its aura will enable the crystal to return to its base frequency.

Smudging is an amazing method that will purify your crystal inside out.






3. Bathing crystals under sunlight/moonlight


This method not only cleanses the crystal but recharges the crystal with the natural healing energy from the sun or the moon.


You can place the crystal under direct sunlight. Be careful with some crystals like the Amethyst, which comes from the quartz family, whose color fades away under the sun. Avoid placing them in intense heat.


For purification using sunlight, place them on a deck or by the window side so that the sun’s rays directly come into contact with the crystal for about 30 minutes.


Thick-hued gems like tiger’s eye, labradorite, and malachite are better suited for sun cleansing.


To cleanse under the moonlight, follow these steps:

  • Collect your crystals, take them outside in the moonlight, and lay in a grid. You can also place them by the window side. They should be in alignment with the moon’s energy.
  • Leave them overnight and collect them back in the morning.
  • It’s better to place under moonlight on a full moon day because the moon will recharge crystal with stronger vibrations.







4. Cleansing crystals with salt 


Take a bowl and fill it with sea salt. Bury the crystals in the bowl of salt, cover it up adequately and leave as it is for about a day or three. Collect the cleansed gems back. You can rinse them with water to wash away the salt.


Another method is burying deep in Earth’s clay in a pot or the mud of a house plant. Please avoid using this technique on crystals with iron as the dominant element in its composition, like hematite or pyrite.


This technique helps to cleanse off the unwanted energy. Since you put crystals back in the womb and let them embrace Earth from where they were born, it leads to deep cleansing as if they are returning to their natural form.






5. Cleansing crystals with salt water


If you wear a crystal often, you will notice that it clouds up after it has absorbed some energy.


Mix salt in a bowl of clean water, submerge crystals in that solution and leave for a period of time until it returns to its clear state. Tap water or moon water works best in this case.


Submerging in saltwater will enable crystals to continue healing with their energies at full strength.


Avoid using metal vessels to prepare the salt solution.


Stones that ought not to be submerged in saltwater include softer stones, permeable gems, crystals containing metal, or water content, for instance, Opal. Some rocks and minerals that you should avoid putting in salt water are Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, Pyrite, and some more.




selenite bowl



6. Purification using other crystals


You can use other crystals for charging or cleansing crystals. You can place your crystal on top of other crystals like Amethyst geodes or use a Selenite charging plate.


When you place a crystal in the vicinity of others, they snatch the negative vibrations of the gem and put the positive healing energy in it.


Carnelian is one such strong stone that can help in the complete cleansing of other crystals.


You can also place all of your gems in one bag, so the healer heals the one which requires cleansing.






7. Mindful crystal cleansing using visualization


It is a technique that you might want to practice mindfully. Visualization essentially means placing mental images of what you desire into your subconscious.


In this process, you will use your aura and vibrational energy for crystal cleansing.


Follow these steps to virtualize your way to cleansed crystals:

  • Grab your crystals in your hand. Generally, hold a few at a time.
  • You can do this with your eyes either open or closed. Visualize a bright white light passing through your body from the top, covering the crystals or swirling around it.
  • Use your positive vibrations to visualize that the impurities are moving out of the stone.
  • Say positive affirmations and take deep breaths.
  • Follow until you are satisfied with the cleansing.




singing bowl



8. Cleansing crystals using the sound healing method


Sound healing uses the vibration or melodic notes to bring a precious stone’s typical reverberation back into balance.


You can use a tuning fork, drums, or even your voice. If your crystals are tiny, you can place them in a Tibetan singing bowl itself.


For instance, if you are using a crystal singing bowl, its soothing sound will tune in with the vibrations of crystals and undergo cleansing until the crystal resonates with its true self.







Endnotes on How to Cleanse Crystals:


Cleansing crystals, as it seems, is a highly crucial step if you are using them for meditation or healing.


Cleanse your stones using whichever method that best suits you, keeping in mind the exceptions. Besides the types of cleansing explained here, there are some alternative methods of cleansing that you might find helpful.


Crystals tend to amplify the energy field around them if it resonates with the crystals. A cleansed crystal will help purify your soul well. Choose a crystal that fancies you, cleanse it regularly, and deflect negative energies, while going on in your life with peace and happiness. 

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