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3 Places I’m Investing My Money in 2021

3 Places I’m Investing My Money in 2021

What’s inside this article: A little information about what I’m personally investing my money in during 2021, and why I’ve chosen those investments. Plus, how anyone can get started with investing for free.

I’ve set big financial goals for 2021 and I attend to achieve them as efficiently as possible. Why? Well – I’m just an average person. I’m not rich, I can’t afford a financial advisor, and I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest.

So — I did my research, and made some investment decisions because I intend to grow my finances this year so I can purchase my family their first home. Yup, we’re renters right now.

Here’s a few keywords, if this is new to you.

Cryptocurrency – This is a digital currency. It’s decentralized, meaning independent from government-issued currencies. You’ve probably heard of bitcoin, and maybe a new one gaining traction, called Ethereum. These are considered high-risk investments.

Stocks – Stocks represent the ownership of a share of a company. When you purchase a company’s stock, you’re purchasing a small piece of that company, called a share. When companies increase in value, so do the value of each share. The risks of investing in stock vary depending on what you’re specifically investing in.

ETFs – An ETF is similar to stocks, only instead of being a share of one company, it’s like a basket of assets from different companies and includes stocks, commodities, and bonds. The overall value of that basket is tracked. There are fewer broker commissions than there would be to invest in these companies individually. These are considered safe or low-risk investments.

Where’s My Money Going in 2021?

what I'm personally investing my money in during 2021, and why I've chosen those investments. Plus, how anyone can get started with investing for free.  #SavingMoney #Investing #StocksToBuy #SmartInvestments #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

So, I’ve got my hand in multiple pots so-to-speak. I’ve purchased stocks, crypto, and ETFs.

I started by signing up for Wealth Simple and downloading their app – it’s completely free and there’s no minimum deposit required to start investing. So, even if you’ve only got $10, you can start growing your money.

Even though there are no minimums – if you do invest $100, you’ll receive a $10 cash bonus. Sign up here.


For cryptocurrency, my money is in Bitcoin.

You may have seen Ethereum growing traction recently, I’ve noticed a lot of posted about it on Social Media. Although cryptocurrency is known for being highly volatile, I think Bitcoin is the safer bet for 2021, and will have a higher return than Ethereum.


The price of cryptocurrency changes rapidly. But, at the time I’m writing this, here are a few numbers for you.

Bitcoin is UP

121% in the past MONTH

238% in the last 3 MONTHS

391% in the past YEAR

I’ve read percisely 427 articles about Bitcoin price predictions for 2021 (Okay, just kidding, but maybe 20 articles) and although no one quite agrees on how much Bitcoin will grow this year, no one is expecting it to lose value until at least November 2021.

I doubled my money in 13 days with Bitcoin.

But, it’s still considered risky. Don’t put everything you’ve got in this pot, but it doesn’t hurt to dip your toes in the waters with a safe amount of money.


Although I do also have a few shares in a few different companies that were very low cost (mostly just for fun), the majority of my savings are invested in Nio Inc.

Let me tell you why.

Nio Inc is a competitor of Tesla – They specialize in electric vehicles and sustainable energy.

They’re a rapidly growing company – no one can argue that the sustainable energy is the future.

And, as of right now it’s about $60 per share (opposed to the $880 cost of Tesla shares).

Most financial experts expect Nio’s stocks to at least double in 2021, but the initial investment is affordable enough for most people to get in right now.

Big things are coming from Nio in the future.


As I mentioned above. ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds, are considered low-risk investments.

Although the return isn’t nearly as high over the short term, it’s fairly safe to say there will be a return on your investment.

For this reason – the money in my RRSP (retirement savings plan), is being safely invested in ETFs.

My money is divided between the following:

ProShares UltraPro QQQ (TQQQ)– Which is an ETF that tracks the 100 largest nonfinancial firms listed on the NASQD (stock market).

BMO SP TSX (ZCN) – This is from the Toronto Stock Exchange, it’s Canadian (I’m Canadian, and I bank with BMO so it’s a given). They track a variety of large, medium, and small stocks that are selected by a commitee.

Evolve Automobile Innovation Index (CARS) – This is again, a basket of of the top companies currently working in electric vehicles, and autonomous driving technology – because technology and sustainable energy is the future and that sector is seeing significant growth right now.


There you have it.

These are the investments I’ve made with my own money for 2021. I feel pretty good about them, confident that I’ll see a return this year on my investments.

If you’re like me – average income, aren’t starting with a ton of money so you want to avoid unnecessary fees, I hope this helps you make decisions how to spend your own money.

All investing is a risk, do you research and make investments that you feel confident in with the information you have.

And, as I mentioned above, you can start with Wealth Simple for free and with no minimum deposit, making investing money accessible to everyone.

what I'm personally investing my money in during 2021, and why I've chosen those investments. Plus, how anyone can get started with investing for free.  #SavingMoney #Investing #StocksToBuy #SmartInvestments #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

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