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25 Positive Money Affirmations for Financial Freedom

25 Positive Money Affirmations for Financial Freedom

What’s inside this article: How using positive money affirmations can help change your financial situation, steps for creating your own positive money affirmation, plus 25 more general affirmations to use to help you meet your financial goals.

The idea of using a “money affirmation” may induce a little skepticism, and I don’t blame you. But, hear me out. 

Studies show that using positive affirmations about yourself and your life help program your mind into accessing and believing the repeated statements and concepts.

They’re a tool for changing your mindset and, on top of that, research shows they:

  • motivate you to take action
  • help you concentrate on your goals
  • change negative thinking patterns
  • help you feel positive about yourself/your situation

Why Use Money Affirmations?

Having positive thoughts about your financial situation won’t magically bring more money to your life. 

However, if you’re not happy with your finances and they’re a source of negativity and stress in your life, then using positive money affirmations can help.

Just consider the benefits of positive affirmations, now apply them to your financial situation. 

Using positive money affirmations will:

  • Motivate you to change your financial situation
  • Help you concentrate on your financial goals
  • Change negative thinking patterns about money (I’ll never get ahead anyways, etc.)
  • Help you create a positive mindset that will help you take charge of your finances.

I’ll list some positive money affirmations below you can use, but first I want to show you how to make your own. 

An affirmation you’ve created for yourself to align with your goals and personal thoughts will have the greatest impact in changing your mindset and your situation. 

How to Create a Positive Money Affirmation

Step 1: Make a list of negative features or things you don’t like about your current situation. 

This could be things like you overspend, you’re impulsive, your job doesn’t pay well, etc. 

I recommend letting your thoughts flow freely onto the paper for now, similar to doing a brain dump. This helps you get everything out of your mind and in front of you.

As you’re reading your list over, you may notice common themes, such as overspending, not enough income, impulsivity, etc. 

As you read through the list, even try reading it out loud, notice any parts of your body that feel tense as you read over particular negative features. You may notice tension in your shoulders or a lump in your throat as you read. Just place an asterisk by anything that stands out to you. 

Step 2: Rephrase the Negative Feature into a Positive Statement

This positive statement will become your positive money affirmation.

This might feel challenging at first, but try first thinking about what is the opposite of the negative feature and how can you put that into a positive statement.

For example, if you noted that you’re an overspender and you impulse buy – you could write something like “I feel empowered by saving money” or “I have control over my money, I can set a budget and stick to it.” 

Use a dictionary, thesaurus, or Google to help you with this step. Choose statements that resonate with you. If it doesn’t feel right, the affirmation isn’t going to help. 

Step 3: Repeat Your Affirmation Regularly

Spend a few minutes, several times a day, repeating your positive money affirmation either in your head or out loud. Write it in a journal, or print and display it somewhere in your home, incorporate it into your meditation practices.

You should also repeat it during particular activities or events that you identified as problematic. So, if you’re an overspender, for example, you may want to repeat the affirmation in your head while shopping. 

Step 4: Anchor the Affirmation Into Your Body

Place your hand on the area where you felt the tension in your body during step 1. 

As you say your positive affirmation, take slow deep breaths with your hand on the area of discomfort. This helps release tension and anchor your affirmation to your body. 

 Step 5: Receive Your Affirmation From an External Source

This step involves having someone else repeat your affirmation to you. 

If you feel uncomfortable sharing with someone else, you can also make a recording of yourself saying the positive money affirmation and play it back; some apps do this as well, with different voices.

Positive Money Affirmations

Examples of Positive Money Affirmations

These are just some general positive money affirmations I found; they were created to help motivate you into taking positive actions with your money.

Like I mentioned above, use affirmations that resonate with you and feel right. Go with your gut when choosing the correct positive money affirmation. 

  1. I have a wealth mindset.
  2. My money is a positive tool that helps me live the life I desire
  3. I am grateful for everything I have and receive.
  4. I create my own financial situation.
  5. I’m worthy of a wealthy life.
  6. I am open to receive wealth in many ways.
  7. I control my money; money doesn’t control me.
  8. Negative emotions about money don’t serve my financial goals.
  9. I have the ability to be a financially successful person.
  10. Money is an abundant resource that I can earn.
  11. I deserve the opportunity to negotiate my salary.
  12. My life is full of wealth beyond money.
  13. I deserve to be paid a fair wage for my skills and work.
  14. I can turn my financial dreams into a reality with budgeting.
  15. My future self will thank me for saving my money.
  16. I enjoy the challenge of saving money.
  17. I am happier when I spend my money responsibly.
  18. It’s rewarding to keep my finances on the right path.
  19. I am capable of achieving my financial goals.
  20. I’m worthy of positive changes in my career.
  21. I am deserving of the money I desire.
  22. I am capable of overcoming my financial obstacles. 
  23. With perseverance, I will eliminate my debts.
  24. I will make choices daily that bring me closer to financial freedom. 
  25. My actions create my reality.

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